Foraged & Found Featured on Google's Economic Impact Report

Excellent news! Foraged & Found was selected by Google to be featured on their Economic Impact Report for Alaska.

The purpose of the Economic Impact Report is to highlight how small business owners across the country are using Google products to connect with customers and create economic activity for their local communities. We are happy that Google chose to highlight Foraged & Found as an example of a business that has utilized digital tools to build and grow in Alaska.

See the feature here: http://g.co/economicimpact/Alaska

While much of our business is focused on being out in the wilderness or in our processing facility, the day to day operations for the business requires a significant amount of time on our laptops. Manufacturing requires many moving parts! Keeping track of these parts requires smart systems, and Foraged & Found has built those system on Google.

We are happy to be a small business featured by a big business, and we look forward to putting Alaska on the map time and time again.