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Jenn Brown - Foraged & Found Founder
Jenn Brown | Founder of Foraged & Found


Foraged & Found was founded in 2017 by Jenn Brown, a marketing-exec-turned-private-chef with a deep love for the unspoiled wilderness of the Alaskan Inside Passage. Her culinary journey along the waterways and forests of Alaska led her to discover a wealth of unique ingredients, from fish and edible aquatic plants to berries, veggies, and mushrooms, unlike any she had encountered before.

Driven by a desire to share these culinary treasures with the world, Jenn dedicated herself to creating delicious, familiar foods with a twist. She partnered with Chelsea Goucher, a born-and-raised Alaskan who shared her passion, and together they began crafting salsas, pickles, and sauces using wild-foraged Alaskan superfoods like bull kelp and sea asparagus.

Foraged & Found is more than a food company; it's a mission. Jenn and Chelsea are committed to revolutionizing food systems, promoting local manufacturing in Alaska, creating jobs, and supporting initiatives that enhance mariculture and fisheries. Their dedication to showcasing these unique foods while preserving the environment's splendor is at the heart of everything they do.

Discover the flavors of Alaska with Foraged & Found's unique range of products made from wild-foraged Alaskan superfoods. Explore our selection of salsas, pickles, and sauces today!

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Jenn Brown
CEO & Founder

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Chelsea Goucher
COO & Sales Director


You can't help but be inspired to protect your environment when you're surrounded by a wondrous, pristine, unspoiled frontier like Alaska. Here, living off the land and sea is a lifestyle. It's a rugged, harsh existence,but a refreshing, authentic experience that no Alaskan would trade for the world!

Not only are we passionate about sharing the bounty of our unique wilderness, we're committed to keeping it that way. From recyclable packaging to our wild harvesting and foraging processes to our involvement with local organizations to protect aquatic plant life, our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability is quite literally second nature.

Wild Alaskan Terrain


What are wild-foraged ingredients? They are exactly what they sound like! We literally go out into the Alaskan wilderness and pristine local waterways of Ketchikan and hand-pick the key ingredients in our uniquely Alaskan products. Wild harvested aquatic plants like kelp and sea asparagus are central to the flavors and nutritional profiles of our pickles, salsas, sauces, and pesto, and provide trace minerals not often found in soil-farmed foods. Our wild food products are are calcium-rich, provide an excellent source of iodine, carry vitamins and minerals in quantities rarely seen outside of supplement form, and enhance the flavor of your favorite meals. Wild harvested Alaskan vegetables are super-charged super foods that you'll find nowhere else on Earth!