Sustainable Kelp Makes A Big Splash at The 2022 Fancy Food Show!

Foraged & Found was so excited to be an exhibitor at the 2022 Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas, NV. Hosted annually by the Specialty Food Association, it is the place to connect in-person with brands and producers from all across the globe. It was a huge success showing off and sampling our entire line of kelp and sea veggie products, including our new Kelp Marinara and Spicy Arrabbiata sauces. Check out some of the great feedback that we received!


Tastes of Winter Fancy Food Show

"Keep an eye out for an Alaska company called Foraged & Found. I’d never heard of Alaskan Sea Asparagus, but in the hands of this company, it turns out to make an excellent pesto. Really! And Alaskan Bullwhip Kelp not only is source sustainably – harvested right before the kelp dies – it makes an incredibly tasty salsa.

I chatted with founder and CEO Jenn Brown who is as excited about sharing the abundant wild food in Alaska as she is about sustainably sourcing her products and helping the plant. You’ll be hearing a lot more about Foraged & Found in an upcoming issue of Gourmet News (shameless plug). 
- gourmetnews.com


Blingy syrup, chewy candles: 5 offbeat items at the Fancy Food Show

"Kelp-infused pasta sauce

Seaweed is a natural on a platter of sushi — but what about on a plate of spaghetti? Foraged & Found of Ketchikan, Alaska, is adding the green bounty of Pacific Ocean bull kelp forests to the sunny tomato base of its Spicy Arrabbiata sauce.

“The bull kelp lends this really lovely umami, salty back note,” says company founder Jenn Brown.

It’s definitely a red sauce, with the kelp visually blending into the traditional tomatoey background, leaving just a hint of iodine-forward minerality in the taste."
- reviewjournal.com


Trends spotted at the Winter Fancy Food Show

"Also on display were pasta sauces infused with regeneratively farmed and harvested seaweed and a pesto sauce featuring foraged sea asparagus."
- foodbusinessnews.net



Specialty Food Association Trendspotter Panel reveals the hottest trends discovered at the annual tradeshow

"Sustainable Options
More food products are hitting the market that incorporate upcycled ingredients, but the trend extends to nonfood products and packaging as well.

- Big Picture Foods Wild Foraged Organic Capers, regeneratively grown and wild foraged
- Ficacci Olive Co., new paper recyclable packaging for the olive industry
- Foraged & Found pasta sauces made with wild harvested Alaskan bull kelp
- IncrEDIBLE Eats edible straws and sporks
- Irvins Salted Egg Salted Salmon Skins, a crunchy and sustainable chip that reuses salmon skins"